Cryptocurrency – like Bitcoin, HealthCoin Plus, Dash, and Litecoin – is a form of encrypted digital money created by code that is purchased electronically through an exchange. These exchanges provide a platform to exchange paper currencies (like USD, EUR, YEN) into digital currency that can be used to purchase goods and services from certain vendors.

Cryptocurrency allows you to transfer money to anyone in the world within seconds.
– Free of government oversight and managed by a peer to peer internet protocol that validates each coin by confirming all the subsequent transactions in the coin’s history.
– Completely anonymous. You can make purchases without the vendor or anyone else getting a single piece of information from you, without anyone else getting any other information.
– Irreversible transactions – Cryptocurrency transactions are just like cash in that once a transaction takes place there’s no mechanism to reverse the transaction without both parties agreement.
– In addition, companies are much more likely to receive payment because of a protection that credit cards have where they will take the money back from the vendor if the customer denies its validity.
– Nobody can take it away from you-you own it, nobody else has access to the unique code unless you give it to them.
– Cryptocurrency can not be counterfeited.

Cryptocurrency is similar to cash in that if you lose it, it could be gone forever.If you forget your password to
your cryptocurrency account, you have permanently lost your cryptocurrency.

Healthcoin Plus and other undercapitalized cryptocurrencies have a greater chance of mass adoption. HealthCoin Plus ties into a multifaceted system which includes an application that allows you to earn HealthCoin for completing certain health-related goals. This platform ties in community and healthy initiatives while also making you money that you can purchase goods and services with.
It was created to be a true rewards and loyalty based perpetual ecosystem.

Yes! HealthCoin Plus is Locked. This means there is a limited supply and no others will be created.

HealthCoin Plus was created as a way to pay copays and deductibles to doctors on the HealthPoint Plus network and has expanded to a whole lot more. We currently have an online marketplace where you can purchase goods and services with your HealthCoin Plus. In the near future, we will be adding even more.We are expanding to add fitness centers, acupuncturist, chiropractors, vitamin stores, pharmacies, along with many other businesses accepting the HLTH coin.

Go to the section on this site titled BUY HLTH or GET INFO & Fill out our ‘GET INFO’ form and a representative from our company will help you get started right away!

Digital products, which are used as credits to make purchases, are not eligible for a refund or return.